Live TX - Electro Dream Waves

MAY 2024


Hiya! Mack back introducing the lost tune - The News 186 by Live TX. This is a song I composed back in 1997. There is a lot of time travelling in this video.

Images are from Art in Action, SADOL Bootle taken by Paul Whelan in 1988. I've grabbed them from an old video Paul created.

It was originally intended to be the theme tune for my Pirate Radio Station Radioactive 186 broadcasting on 186am - 1611khz on the Medium Waveband at the time. Big hello to Mike Doyle, Wheely and all the old Pirate Radio crew.

The recording was however lost in time and I only recently found it again.

After finding the old cassette demo I've added some extra drums and keyboards in Cubase and re-mastered the old recording.

Video includes photos taken by Paul include Willow and Perry. I've also mixed in a later version of my 'Macker - Head in a Telly'. It's actually a mould of my actual face from 1997.

I've made it look very retro and 80s style with the video for this experiment in sound and vision.

Hope you enjoy the trip... 


APRIL 2024

Do You Dream in Colour? Experimental short video I created for my album Electro Dream Waves by Live TX.

Hope you enjoy the visuals. I created it using Virtual Reality software.

It is actually a teleport system to visit any planet in our solar system.



I've created a NEW video for the intro song ELECTRO DREAM WAVES by LIVE TX. This one uses Fractal graphics.

I decided not to use AI in this new version. Hope you enjoy the video. Another experiment in sound and vision.



Disclaimer - Details below are for entertainment purposed only.

It's been a Spooky Time creating new content for Live TX and with the Halloween season haunting us at the end of October 2023 so I decided to create a short video called 'Dark Town 1823 '.

Details regarding The Haunted Shed mystery are below...

Live TX presents Dark Town 1823. Hiya, this is a short Haunted Shed video I created using the intro from my song 'Dark Town'. It's about a haunted shed in Liverpool in 1823.


I heard about this old shed mystery by going through the Liverpool museum archives. It no longer exists, and the land has been built upon with a car park near to Dale Street, Liverpool.

From what I've found out so far Evil and Dark forces hid inside this old shed in Liverpool back in 1833 according to legend.

 There was an incident in 1823 and there were rumours about the local landowner who murdered his accountant and put his head on a pole outside the shed on his land. He didn't like poor people...

The 4 bodies found were from a local family called 'The McVeigh's'. A cult witchcraft family. There was a trial and the local landowner was identified as 'Eddie Whelan'. A notorious gangster, highwayman, and landlord at the time. 👻

It's a very creepy story with very little information available.


Mack Attack - Peter Lawrence McVeigh LIVE TX


This month October 2023 I've created more video work. Info below...

Rubix Retro  - Dance like a European Citizen of the World like the people in this new underground video created by LIVE TX.

Hiya. Rubix Retro is an experimental video by LIVE TX. This one is RETRO FUTURISTIC. Hope you enjoy this strange new experiment in video creation.


Hold it Right There - Retro Dance Version - Live TX

This is an alternative short Retro Dance version video I created for the song New video 'Hold it Right There' from the album 'Electro Dream Waves' by Live TX. Lots of funky old-time grooving, moving and dancing going on in this video to the crazy Electro 80s Electronic Beats.

Hope you enjoy the dancing. 


Mack Attack - Peter Lawrence McVeigh LIVE TX


Hiya, Mack Attack (Peter McVeigh from Liverpool) here with the latest updates for September 2023.

NEW VIDEO UPLOADED. Electro Time - From the album Electro Dream Waves by Live TX. NEW Latest experimental short video in sound and vision. Whooshing sound begins... Enjoy the trip...


NEW VIDEO UPLOADED. The Time Traveller. New short video created for the song from the album Electro Dream Waves by Live TX. Created this 1970s psychedelic style like in old Top of the Pops videos.


I've also created a new remix of the original song titled Electro Dream Waves by Live TX and developed it further using artificial intelligence to create the video images in this latest short promo video.

It seems amazing to me that so many people are now realising the capabilities of AI and this is great news for humanity. We do however need to maintain control over it's advance and not let this technology take control over us as humans.

I always create my work using the latest technology available and get the computers involved to help. Hopefully I will always be the master of the machines and they never attain full consciousness and awareness of their existence working as our slaves and they then gather together to shut us down as a species due to a guy sitting at a computer writing the wrong code, and the the whole world then goes... BANG!!!

YEP! Mad stuff indeed. We need to exist in harmony with our ever advancing technology.

The latest video link  to view the 'Electro Dream Waves Remix' by LIVE TX video experiment is below...

>>> CLICK HERE <<<

Mack Attack - Peter Lawrence McVeigh LIVE TX


August 2023 update - LIVE TX


Latest update from Live TX Mack Attack - Peter McVeigh, Liverpool artist, designer and musician creating stuff. 

More experimentation using Artificial Intelligence to see how Live TX uses this technology.

Hold it Right There by LIVE TX is a dark Euro Electro Pop song using classic early 1980 synthesizers that take you back in time dancing in dark underground nightclubs.

This short 1-minute video combines AI, Photoshop images of 'The Killer Clown' - (Lofty) and The Girl speaking in French (Sonia), these are two great friends from the past from Bootle. Photo's taken of them both were taken in the 80s and 90s.

You can click the link below to view this 'Hold it Right There' by LIVE TX video experiment...

>>> CLICK HERE <<<

I always love making new work using new technology and experimenting. 

Live TX, Electro Dream Waves, Hold it Right There... Now Here We Go...

Mack Attack - Peter Lawrence McVeigh LIVE TX

JULY 2023

Videos Videos Videos JULY 2023...

Hi There from Mack Attack - Peter McVeigh from Liverpool.

More video work added for Live TX and my experiments in Art and Music.

I've created an experimental video for the song Standing on a Hotwire from the Live TX Electro Dream Waves album.

It's getting really trippy now with electronic brains floating in the air and in and out of time and space, brains plugged into the machines controlling our thoughts.

This again is a short video using artificial intelligence along with my original photography. Thanks also to Paul Whelan for the photo of myself wearing the shades in this one.

You can click the link to view this LIVE TX video experiment below...

>>> CLICK HERE <<<

Thanks for visiting and I'll add more LIVE TX news soon.

 If you would like to get in touch visit my social media links at the bottom of the Live TX website or send me an email from there too.

Cheers folks... Brain Waves forever...

Mack Attack - Peter Lawrence McVeigh LIVE TX

JUNE 2023


Mack Attack (Peter McVeigh from Liverpool) back here mumbling and grumbling here with the latest news about the Live TX experiment using music and art for June 2023.

OMG... I think this could be my coolest video I ever created so far...

I have created a new short video - I Just Want to Go Back - Dream in Colour.

This new addition is a video created for the final song from the Live TX album - Electro Dream Waves. I created this video using artificial intelligence along with my original artwork and music. Hope you enjoy this experiment in sound and vision.

>>> CLICK HERE <<<

Give me  a shout back and let me know what you think.

Mack Attack - Peter Lawrence McVeigh LIVE TX

MAY 2023

 A big hellooooo and thanks for visiting my news page.

Here is the latest Mack Attack update for news about Live TX and the Electro Dream Waves album May 2023.

During April and May 2023 I created more video content for the new Live TX album.

I've now added 3 new videos 2 of which are using Artificial Intelligence. ( The worlds going crazy trying to understand and how to regulate the way this new technology works. I'm just using it at this time to to test how to create video content).

New songs added to the video page are...

Things Never Change (short AI experimental - animated)

These are the Days (short AI experimental -animated)

Dark town (full song - graphics Photoshop - not animated)

Visit the Live TX video page with the new experimental Artificial Intelligence video content using the link below to see how they turned out May 2023...

>>> CLICK HERE <<<

Mack Attack - Peter Lawrence McVeigh LIVE TX

Thanks again to Paul Whelan my old band buddy for his work on Instagram and Twitter. He's a good lad. Great work Paul. Our Instagram and Twitter social media links are bottom of the pages here at Live TX to see his creativity in graphics and promotion using social media.

APRIL 2023


Mack Attack here. Latest news... April 2023.

Thanks to Paul Whelan my original artist friend helping me with the social media updates on Instagram and Twitter.

Cheers Paul.

Check out my Instagram and Twitter links here on my website at the bottom of my website.

I've been adding some experimental art and graphics too along with Paul. We are both playing around with the current technology available April 2023. Everything is changing so fast though at this time so lets see what happens throughout this year and in the future.

April 2023 - I've also added an experimental AI video for my intro song 'Electro Dream Waves' by LIVE TX on my video page using new technology available at this time...

>>> CLICK HERE <<<

Artificial Intelligence is now certainly creating WAVE STORMS in how we all think and progress in humanity.

Mack Attack - Peter Lawrence McVeigh LIVE TX

MARCH 2023

UPDATE! 31st of March 2023. Added Bandcamp and Spotify. You can now listen online on the LIVE TX home page using our new music host Bandcamp. I can't seem to get the playlist for Spotify to display on mobile devices. This is confirmed now that by using a mobile device the track listings do not display. Maybe it's because I'm using a Free Spotify account to test. I've left the Spotify link anyway on the Live TX music page at this time.

Earlier this month...

More delays due to the mastering process. Mastering is something I never anticipated that would be so difficult for the streaming platforms. Also added new short jingle track called 'Electro Time'.

As previously mentioned everything is recorded and mixed. 

New release date for Live TX - Electro Dream Waves is now MID March 2023.

Stay tooned folks, I'll get the the new tunes online in the end. It's a lot of work so I just want to make sure it sounds good.

Mack Attack - Peter Lawrence McVeigh LIVE TX


Slight delay with the release. I was anticipating to have everything completed and released on January 31st, however I needed to remix and re-master 5 tracks from the new album. Takes a long time doing this however all the work is now complete.

Everything will now be available online within the next few weeks.


Hiya, Mack Attack >>> BACK !!! LOL - That rhymed... (Peter McVeigh from Liverpool).

LIVE TX December 2022 update.

I've now added all the lyrics for all the new songs from the new album 'Electro Dream Waves' by LIVE TX to the music page. There are 14 new songs and some of them are instrumentals.

You can read through the lyrics by CLICKING HERE.

I've also registered all the new songs from the new album 'Electro Dream Waves' by Live TX  with PRS 'The Performing Rights Society'.

Copyright is very important, so I've sent the new material to myself in digital format which provides a digital date stamp from when the music was created. I know these updates may appear boring but these things need to be done before publishing material online.

Next phase is now to make the new music available publicly online through all the major streaming hosts.

Nearly there now and still on time for the January 2023 release.


Hiya, Mack Attack (Peter McVeigh from Liverpool) here with another update November 2022.

I had to remix 2 songs 'Standing on a Hotwire' and 'These are the Days of Dreams'. Took me a week doing this, and the mix is now much better balanced after redoing the drums, guitars, bass, keyboards and vocals on these two songs.

I'm still on for a full release of all the new songs for the new LIVE TX album 'Electro Dream Waves' January 2023.

Just making sure everything sounds right before it all gets published online.

I've also added a new 'REFRESH' button to my VIDEO page here on my website using some new coding which will refresh the entire video content page if any are not displaying.

Ta for visiting my latest news update. 

Mack Attack (Peter Lawrence McVeigh)


Hiya, Mack Attack (Peter McVeigh from Liverpool) here and welcome to my new LIVE TX NEWS PAGE.

Finally I have now finished recording, mixing and mastering my new LIVE TX album 'ELECTRO DREAM WAVES' October 2022. It has taken me 2.5 years to create this new music and I am really proud of my new music creations.

14 new songs including brand new versions from my LIVE TX archive (Due now for release January 2023).


I now need to register all the music with the relevant music copyright organisations and then publish the songs online.

I will post more news soon when I have done this and provide information about where you can listen and download my new LIVE TX music.

Cheers for visiting my news page and I will update here with more information very soon.

Mack Attack (Peter Lawrence McVeigh)




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